Yard Policies

Length Over-All Policy

Vessels are measured “Length Over-All.” LOA measures the Over All Length to include bow pulpits, davits, dinks, swim platforms and engines.

Haul & Launch Policy

All hauls require 24-hour notice. Hauls done on shorter notice are subject to additional fees as outlined on our current rate sheet. No hauls are done on weekends or holidays unless done as an emergency.

Any boat not scheduled to be launched by June 10th will be charged $12.00 per foot per month.

Any boat that has been on land for twelve consecutive months or is not in sea worthy condition is subject to double published storage rates.

General Yard Policy

All bills will be due and payable upon receipt. A service charge of 1.5% per month, 18% annually, will be added to all past due accounts. In the event that Brown’s Boatyard must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Brown’s Boatyard, you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental costs associated with collecting.

The yard is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, storm or ice and owner agrees to hold the yard and its owners and employees harmless in the event of such loss. Owners shall maintain insurance coverage.

Boats that do not dock at Brown’s Boatyard will have 1 day of dockage without cost after launching. If the boat needs to be hauled, a short haul fee will be assessed. Boats launched after June 1st must arrange for any dockage as available.

If docking at Brown’s Boatyard, the contract is non-transferable. Any owner who sells his/her boat must notify the yard within five days in writing. Notification must include name, address and phone number of the new owner. In the event the yard is not able to secure a contract with the new owner within ten days of notification, arrangements to remove the boat must be made under this contract. This does not mean there will be additional charges.

Outside contractors may be allowed to work in the yard with the approval of the yard manager. They must show proof of insurance (GL $1,000,000). There will be a $95 per day overhead fee or 15% of total job charged for the use of the yard.

Full Service

Our crew’s skills are impressive. When in doubt, we hire out; meaning we also use very talented senior specialist when our crew is at full workload capacity or when there is a requirement so specific and so narrow that it warrants a specialist.

Estimates may not be free. The fee paid for an estimate will be deducted from your final bill for service work performed associated with the estimate, provided the work is ordered within seven days of the estimate.

Deposits: Work orders over $2,000 may require a deposit. The size of the deposit depends on the complexity of the project, the cost of the work order parts and the project’s duration.

Owners are responsible for the removal and replacement of drain plugs, checking the mast (condition of rigging, lubrication, etc.) providing proper dock lines and fenders prior to launch. Boats not “ready to launch” may be delayed and/or charged for time to make ready.

DIY – “Do It Yourself”

We welcome mariners who possess the requisite skill, knowledge and tools to undertake specific projects. DIY has a very literal translation; it means that a boat owner will undertake certain projects by themselves without any outside labor, consultation or engineering required. Kindly file with the office your work plan.

Strict adherence to our environmental policy is an absolute. Please address how you intend to meet these requirements in your work plan. No burning of paint or operation of stoves is allowed. All bottom sanding must be done with a Dustless Sanding System approved by the yard. Tarps must be placed under all open paint and solvent cans. No paints or solvents may be placed in our dumpster. Areas around boats must be kept clean. No covers may be tied to stands or blocking.

The crew at the yard is available on a time and material basis to help you with more difficult tasks. Please schedule your requirements with the office for the week that you think the project will need our help.

Brown’s Boatyard and its crew do not loan tools, or ladders.