Buyer Services

Buying a new boat, whether new or new-to-you, can be a daunting undertaking. It’s difficult to find accurate and comprehensive information and, quite often, information in publications is rarely critical because of the relationships between publisher and advertiser. Add to that the emotions that can sometimes get involved early on in a purchase; we’ve all fallen in love with a boat or two only to have our hearts broken.

Think of David North as a maritime matchmaker. David knows boats and, over the years, many friends and marina customers have asked his opinions about boats they plan to buy and, occasionally, boats they have already purchased (you bought what?!). David is now making his services available to a limited pool of customers seeking assistance in finding the perfect boat – for them. Not for the seller. Or for David. But for you, the buyer.

David starts the process by getting to know you, your needs and abilities. He then scans the local (or distant, depending upon your desires) markets for boats that just might be a match. After an initial screening, he’ll run a short list by you and then you both visit the vessels in consideration. Unlike a broker who has a highly-vested interest in a sale, David can help maintain a sober view of the boats you are considering.

If you are a first-time buyer, David can help you through the survey and offer process as well.

One other thing to note: David also has a number of boats for sale at Brown’s Boatyard. Some of these vessels have been here a while; others only recently. The one thing they all have in common – David is knowledgeable about each of these vessels; is fond of them and will apply absolutely ZERO pressure to potential purchasers. Ask about them if you are interested.