It’s Friday afternoon at 3 and two more projects just landed on your desk with the hope (read demand!) that they be finished before the weekend. Your expected arrival time at the marina has just shifted to 30 minutes before sunset and any hope for a sunset cruise has been dashed by the sudden realization that you’ve got about 90 minutes worth of boat chores before you can leave the marina.

The holding tanks need to be pumped. You need to top off the water tanks. The anchor line has a knot that must be removed. And the topsides need to be washed down. Your hopes for a lovely cruise have quickly given way to more stress.

But fear not, intrepid skipper. Brown’s Boat Butler service is here to save the day. Let us know when you want to leave the marina and we’ll make sure all the prep work is done so you can step on and cast off. The list of tasks we can tackle is tailored to every boat and captain but here are some things we can handle to make sure you’re ready to shove off as soon as you and your crew arrive at the marina:

  • Top-off fuel tanks
  • Fill water tanks
  • Empty holding tanks
  • Remove boat covers
  • Wash decks and seating

There are many other things we can do to get you off and running easily and conveniently. Contact us today to learn more – 1 (203) 453-6283.