2022 Winter Rates

Winter Storage

Includes hauling, storage and launch: September 15th – June 15th

Boats up to 26’ length overall $45/ft
27 to 36’ length overall $47/ft
37’ length overall and up $52/ft
Trailed boat (without haul or launch) $38/ft
Sailboats with mast up: Add 25% to rate
Add 20% to rate for boats not ready to be hauled by 11/1

Mast Service

Includes unstepping, storage on rack or deck

Masts up to 32’ in length $8/ft
33 to 41’ in length $9/ft
42’ in length and up $10/ft
Add $2/ft each for rod rigging, roller furler, radar, double spreader
Inspection and tuning of rig available at standard labor rate

Additional labor charges for removing sails, booms, running rigging, wire connections or seized turnbuckles

Mechanical Service

Inboard winterizing $195/ea
Oil and filter change: Gasoline engine $130/ea
Oil and filter change: Diesel engine Time and mat.
Inside storage for outboards $130/ea
Outboard winterizing
1 & 2 Cylinder $125
3 Cylinder $175
4 Cylinder $195
6 Cylinder $205
8 Cylinder $235
Batteries: Remove, test, store and charge
Up to Group 31 $50/ea
4D & 8D $100/ea
Winterize domestic water system $130 + mat.
Winterize head, holding tanks, hot water, A/C units, Wash-down pumps, and washer/dryers $80/ea +

Shrink Wrap Covers

Boats up to 20’ length overall $21/ft
21 to 30’ length overall $23/ft
31 to 37’ length overall $25/ft
38’ length overall and up $30/ft
Note: Sailboats with mast up Quote ONLY

Other Services

Power wash bottom (includes waste water disposal)* $6/ft
Quick haul or haul/launch from trailer
Up to 28’ LOA $12/ft
Over 28’ LOA $14/ft
Short haul – haul, block, and launch
Up to 28’ LOA $18/ft
Over 28’ LOA $20/ft
With Mast up + $3/ft
Land storage (Weekly) $6/ft
Land storage (Monthly) $13/ft
Damaged Boat Storage (Daily) $3/ft
*Mandatory for boats storing with us

Note: All boats brought in for winter storage without holding tanks completely emptied will be charged a mandatory $200.00 fee for pump-out service


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