2020 Winter Rates

Winter Storage

Includes hauling, storage and launch: September 15th – June 15th.

Boats up to 26' overall $42/ft
27 to 36' length overall $44/ft
37' length overall and up $48/ft
Trailed boat (without haul or launch) $36/ft
Sailboats with mast up: Add 25% to rate

Mast Service

Includes unstepping, storage on rack or deck, and stepping in spring.

Masts up to 32' in length $15/ft
33 to 41' in length $17/ft
42' in length and up $19/ft
Add $2/ft each for rod rigging, roller furler, radar, double spreader
Inspection and tuning of rig available at standard labor rate
Note: Additional labor charges for removing sails, booms, running rigging, wire connections or seized turnbuckles

Other Services

Powerwash bottom (includes waste water disposal) $5/ft
Quick haul or haul/launch from trailer
Up to 28' LOA $11/ft
Over 28' LOA $13/ft
Short haul - haul, block, and launch
Up to 28'LOA $17/ft
Over 28' LOA $19/ft
With Mast up + $3/ft
Land Storage
Weekly $4/ft
Monthly $12/ft

Shrink Wrap Covers

Boats up to 20' length overall $18/ft
21 to 30' length overall $20/ft
31' length overall and up $22/ft
Add $2/ft each for arches, flybridges, ½ Towers  
Note: Sailboats with mast up Quote ONLY

Mechanical Service

Inboard winterizing $185/ea
Oil and filter change: Gasoline engine $98/ea
Oil and filter change: Diesel engine Time and mat.
Inside storage for outboards $115/ea
Outboard winterizing
1 & 2 cylinder $100
3 cylinder $150
4 cylinder $175
6 cylinder $195
Batteries: Remove, test, store and charge
Up to Group 31 $45/ea
4D & 8D $90/ea
Winterize domestic water system $98 + mat.
Winterzie head, holding tanks, hot water, A/C units, wash-down pumps, and washer/dryers $75/ea + mat.

Note: All boats brought in for winter storage without holding tanks completely emptied will be charged a mandatory $200.00 fee for pump-out service


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