2023 Summer Rates

Labor Charges

Cleaning/Detailing/Varnisher $109/hr
Mechanic, Electrician $135/hr
Rigger, Ship’s Carpenter $135/hr
Fiberglass Technician $135/hr
Painter $135/hr
Outboard Technician $135/hr
Customer Supplied Parts $165/hr
After Hours Emergency $305/hr


Quick haul or haul/launch from trailer
Up to 28’ LOA $12/ft
Over 28’ LOA $14/ft
Short haul or haul, block and launch
Up to 28’ LOA $18/ft
Over 28’ LOA $20/ft
Mast up + $3/ft
Emergency Haul
Up to 28’ LOA $36/ft
Over 28’ LOA $42/ft
Power wash bottom (Includes wastewater disposal) $6/ft
Clean and wax hull (Materials not included) From $16/ft
Clean and wax superstructure (Materials not included) From $19/ft
Prep and paint outdrive (Materials not included) $340
Bottom paint (Materials not included) From $15/ft
Tune mast $135/hr
Commission Domestic Systems $135/hr
Commission Mechanical Systems $135/hr

Mast Service

Step Mast
Masts up to 32’ in length $10/ft
33 to 41’ in length $11/ft
42’ in length and up $12/ft
Add $2/ft each for rod rigging, roller furler, radar, double spreader Inspection and tuning of rig available at standard labor rate

Dockage Rates

Season Slips (May 1 to Oct 31), per foot cost $120/ft
Minimum Slip $1,950

Storage Rates

Damaged Boat Storage (Daily) $3/ft
Land storage (Weekly) $6/ft
Land storage (Monthly) $13/ft
Trailer storage (One axle)* $52/month
Trailer storage (Two axles)* $67/month
*No charge for winter storage customers


Fuel Dock Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm


Service Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm


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